There are several outlets available for learning to use Tableau.

To get started, please take the free Getting Started on line training offered by Tableau.

To be able to become a Tableau Publisher, you will need more formal training. First, please review the Publishing & Security section of this website. Afterwards, the Fundamentals and Advanced classes can be taken in three ways. Tableau offers virtual “on-site” classroom training on line, and well as classroom training at one of their centers, like Charlotte.

Currently, there are no UNC Charlotte support staff that is solely dedicated to assist developers with report development but most developers are more than willing to offer assistance whenever possible. Additionally, Tableau offers an extensive library of how-to documentation is available on the Tableau website.

Additional informal and formal training options are listed below. These options range from short quick internet based learning that could easily be watched during breaks throughout the day to more extensive offsite training sessions.

General Training
Specific Topics
Instructor Lead Training

Quick Start Guide: Web based guides over quick overviews of various topics such as Data Sources and Connections, Visual Analysis, Calculations, Dashboards and Stories, and more.

Tableau Knowledge Base: Key articles on using Tableau.

Tableau User Groups: Tableau User Groups or TUGs are user managed groups that are very useful in developing skills and local contacts.

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